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Matching business partners

  • Analysis of company products/ services to be sold in Poland
  • Formulation of a cooperation proposal regarding the Polish market
  • Identification of potential customers in the target market
  • Negotiations with potential customers

Market analysis

  • Analysis of the business sector’s situation in Poland
  • Analysis of competitors and their operational strategies
  • Positioning of the company against competition in the Polish market
  • SWOT analysis in the target market
  • Forecasting industry / sector growth in Poland
  • Legal and formal requirements regarding trade in Poland
  • Industry associations and trade fairs
  • Market and cultural conditions
  • Social and consumer research
  • Innovative, original mode of operation

Business models

  • Development of a business operating model suitable for the Polish market
  • Consultancy during implementation of the business model in Poland
  • Analysis of potential distribution channels
  • Analysis of customer segments
  • Development of a finance strategy for the business in Poland
  • Development of a conceptual framework for the brand and its image in the Polish market
  • Managing the company’s image in Poland
  • Design
  • Potential customers survey

Specialist Consultancy Services

  • Legal advisory
  • Tax and accounting advisory
  • Certification

Business Missions

  • Arranging first exploratory visits
  • Arranging meetings with potential partners


  • Representing the company in Poland
  • Product distribution
  • Search for customers/ suppliers
  • Revenue diversification