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Is your company looking for new partners in Poland?
Do you need information about the Polish market?

Benefit from our thorough experience in business development in Poland including such services as, among others, market research, customer surveys, search for business partners, creation of development strategies. See for yourself how much our team of experts (including lawyers, translators, marketers) can do for your company to facilitate and enhance its development as so many companies and institutions have done till date.
Check out our offer and select the service you would most benefit from.

Experience & Contacts

We have a solid, 10-year experience in supporting companies development on the domestic and foreign markets. Our extensive network of long-term partners in Poland and abroad – including enterprises and consultants – is at your disposal.

Individual approach

Every customer is treated individually and so our cooperation proposal is tailored to individual needs. Such approach ensures that the service provided by us will match your expectations.


You can rest assured of the high standards of our services and feel confident that the means invested in your company development in Poland – with our support – will contribute to real growth of your business.


Our company operates on the Polish market, knows its workings well, is well aware of cultural differences and the market’s specific conditions, as well as the daily needs and challenges the companies face in Poland. This is why we are able to propose the best and most efficient solutions for your business.

Why Poland?

  • Poland is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union
  • Polish economy was the only one in EU that avoided recession during the crisis in 2008-2009,
  • Economic growth in 2017 – 4.7% GDP,
  • The largest country in the East-Central Europe – an excellent base and strategic foothold for expansion to other countries in the region,
  • Population of over 38.5 million people (one of the biggest country in Europe), of which:
    14,8% – aged 0-14 years,
    10,3% – aged 15-24,
    43,4%- aged 25-54,
    14% – aged 55-64,
    17,5% – aged above 65 years;
  • According to the EY report „Attractiveness Survey Europe 2019”, Poland ranked 6th in Europe with regard to foreign direct investment (with a 38% increase in 2018 compared to 2017) and 1st in East-Central Europe,
  • Poland will be the biggest beneficiary of EU structural funds in the years 2014-2020 – with 73.5 billion EUR,
  • High qualifications of Polish workforce, including good command of foreign languages.


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